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Also note:

There is more water inside the circle than land.

The least densely populated country in the world is inside the circle.

There are more Muslims inside the circle than outside.

Location, location, location

Did you know that there is a spot in Glacier National Park in Montana that is at the junction of two continental divides?

A raindrop that falls there might end up in the Atlantic, the Pacific, or the Arctic Oceans.


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In Honor of March Madness

Washington dunking

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How to make a T-shirt in 2013



In our classes, we’ve talked quite a bit about the global economy, questions of human rights, the importance of the textile industry to the Industrial Revolution, and how the world we live in got to look like this.  Here is a fascinating series of short videos (read the short articles, too!) that links many of these themes together:  NPR’s Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

At least you’re better than these college graduates

Don’t say I never taught you anything.  None of you will be as embarrassed as these people were when they were presented with a blank map of Europe:

Americans Try to Place European Countries on a Map


Did the Yankees pay more for Babe Ruth or Jacoby Ellsbury?


$80,000 a year in 1930

$21.8 million a year in 2014










Play around with this really interesting site to see how many different ways there are to compare prices over time.

When in the last 60 years has a gallon of gas been the most expensive?

Was a Model T more or less expensive than an average car today?

How does Babe Ruth’s salary compare with Jacoby Ellsbury’s deal?

What would Tocqueville have made of the NYA athletic requirement?

de Tocqueville football

Here is a really fascinating short article that brings some of Alexis de Tocqueville’s most famous observations into a discussion of high school sports.  What would he have thought about sports at NYA, do you think?

Better coaching through economics?

YouTube Preview Image


Check out this short video about a high school football coach who revolutionized his team by… thinking stastically about tradeoffs at the margin.  Can you spot the Econ ideas in here?


Animated Map of the Mean Center of US Population


Imagine a flat, rigid map of the United States with a weight on it for each person in the country.  If you wanted to balance that weighted map on a single point, where would that point be?

The Census Bureau has figured that out for each ten-year census since 1790.  Check out this great animation of America’s shift in population since then.

The Reformation in Lego

95 Theses, onlookers at Wittenberg

Luther posts his 95 Theses at Wittenberg

You can find lots more cool Reformation Lego photos here.

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